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Caskshare • Agitator Distillery Chestnut Cask

Caskshare • Agitator Distillery Chestnut Cask

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From the innovative Agitator Distillery in Sweden, this warm, smokey whisky has matured for just shy of four years in chestnut casks. Chosen for Caskshare due to its exceptional flavour and sustainable production methods, we are excited to partner with a distillery who are making an active change to benefit the environment.

Collective Series 4033

59.6% ABV • 70CL

Tasting notes

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Earthy peat, hazelnut, and cedar wood with a thick mouthfeel of Swedish peat, botanicals, nutella, orange peel and a dash of sea salt.


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Serve neat or however you enjoy your whisky.

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