Old Poison Distillery Hina cold brew coffee rum 50cl

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Our neighbours here in Leith at Old Poison Distillery have been busy making lots of exciting products and cocktail mixes, including their delicious Hina cold brew coffee rum.

The rum is inspired by Hina the Moon Goddess, which represents feminine power of strength and conviction. With determination and creativity, the wildest dreams are possible. The rum is born in the Caribbean and crafted in Edinburgh. Hina is 100% fair-trade certified rum distilled with Guyanese organic molasses and aged in ex-bourbon casks for 12 months in the south American warmth.

At the old poison distillery in The Biscuit Factory, they redistilled it with a selection of special botanicals, to enhance and intensify the natural characteristics of it. After distillation they blend the rum with a cold brew coffee and let it rest in a wooden barrel for 10 days. Hina cold brew coffee rum is made with 100% pure single origin coffee Arabica from Brazil provided by their neighbour in The Biscuit Factory, SANTU COFFEE. The coffee grounds are steeped in water for 24 hours to produce a concentrated coffee essence. Brewing cold results in the extraction of a range of flavour compounds, distinct from those associated with hot brews. Cold brew coffee is mellow, and sweeter than a conventional hot brew coffee, with a lower acidity. It's also a greener option, as it doesn't require heat or electricity.

This is the perfect drink to enjoy neat or in a funky espresso martini.