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Sail We Must • Dabinett Cider Batch #1

Sail We Must • Dabinett Cider Batch #1

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It is always very exciting with friends of the distillery make interesting things. Graham, over at Sail We Must' has created an amazing cider using 100% apples using minimal intervention and lots of time. A natural, lightly sparkling, bone dry expression of Dabinett cultivar. 

Slow and cold 6 month fermentation with a further 6 months bottle conditioning. Live, raw, and unfiltered. Unpasturised and vegan friendly. Hand made in Scotland.

Dabinett Cider Batch #1 (980 bottles, individually numbered by hand)

5.8% ABV • 75CL

Tasting notes

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Bright and clean with just the right level of acidity, funk and bubble. 


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Serve neat or over ice.

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