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Sweetdram • Blend #1

Sweetdram • Blend #1

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Our friends over at Sweetdram have gone into the blending business and produced a stunner; a unique and complex dram designed for whisky novices, connoisseurs, and everyone else in between.

First, the foundation: North British single grain whisky aged in virgin oak, the reliable, woody backbone on which to build. Then sherried Invergordon for a bit of punch and depth and peated Ardmore for body, length, and a wispy touch of sweet billowy smoke. Vatted as one and finished in barrels seasoned with Tawny port from Douro, Portugal, to pull the individual components together.

The result is a modern dram that sits somewhere between Scotch and a round, complex bourbon. A nice, clean, easy drinker with nuance, charm, and gusto. 

43% ABV • 70CL

Tasting notes

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Cream soda, marzipan, sandalwood and coffee cake with toffee and burnt fig on the finish.


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Simply sip and savour – with a dash of water to release the oils and esters – or enjoy as a long drink with dry ginger ale.

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