Woven Experience N.7 Blended Scotch Whisky 50cl 45.3% ABV

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Our friends at Woven who have taken over our old distillery space on Tower Street are always busy creating new and interesting blends whilst still being one of the most stylish brands out there.

When Woven heard of New World winemakers re-imagining the planet’s most prevalent grape variety to create something new. and seeing them prove that something as ubiquitous as Chardonnay could have many faces struck a chord. So when the classy, elegant notes of N.7 graced their blending studio they freed ourselves from the ABC (anything but Chardonnay) mindset, and quickly became obsessed with finding those
notes in whiskies. Think steely, oyster inflected tones of Chablis and the oak-soaked butter bombs California.

They recommend to drink No.7 long with water, wine style.