About Us

The Leith Export Co. is the principal retailer of the Port of Leith Distillery & The Lind & Lime Gin Distillery. 

We select a range of the finest quality wines & spirits, sourced directly from the very vineyards and cellar doors of our production partners. Our champagne La Garde Écossaise and our infinity blend, Perpetuity, are available for purchase now.

We also stock our shop with the wines and spirits of the finest producers from Leith, Edinburgh and beyond. We seek to present the wares of smaller, less celebrated distillers and blenders of Scotland, whose reputations are still to be forged with the public at large.

Every brand and cuvée contained on our site has been tasted and evaluated by our team of seasoned professionals, and included specifically for its superior quality. 

Every alcoholic product we sell is intended to be savoured with restraint.

Find us at:
The Lind & Lime Gin Distillery, 24 Coburg Street, EH6 6HB
6th Floor of Port of Leith Distillery, 11 Whisky Quay, EH6 6HF

Guided by our B Corp accreditation, every product at The Leith Export Company reflects our commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing. This programme prioritises local, ethical suppliers, empowering us to actively seek sustainable, cruelty-free, and responsibly sourced goods. We further support positive community impact by favouring social enterprises and cooperatives whenever possible.

At The Leith Export Company, we strive to source our goods with a hyper-local focus whenever possible. We establish strong relationships with smaller, local vendors, which allows us to take a personalised approach to evaluating their practices. As an example, we reuse the unusable glass bottles from Lind & Lime's production and transform them into Lind & Lime candles with the help of a local Scottish supplier. This not only ensures that the products meet our high standards for quality, sustainability, and ethics but also aligns with our broader commitment to these principles.