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Guided by our B Corp accreditation, every product at The Leith Export Company reflects our commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing. This programme prioritises local, ethical suppliers, empowering us to actively seek sustainable, cruelty-free, and responsibly sourced goods. We further support positive community impact by favouring social enterprises and cooperatives whenever possible.

At The Leith Export Company, we strive to source our goods with a hyper-local focus whenever possible. We establish strong relationships with smaller, local vendors, which allows us to take a personalised approach to evaluating their practices. As an example, we reuse the unusable glass bottles from Lind & Lime's production and transform them into Lind & Lime candles with the help of a local Scottish supplier. This not only ensures that the products meet our high standards for quality, sustainability, and ethics but also aligns with our broader commitment to these principles.