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Amarosa • Rosehip Rum Liqueur

Amarosa • Rosehip Rum Liqueur

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A perfectly balanced and wildly refreshing aperitif from our friends at Buck & Birch. Amarosa combines sweet, zesty rosehips with a secret blend of hand picked wild herbs and botanicals. 

Pair with charcuterie or mezze. 

20% ABV • 20CL

Tasting notes

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Bittersweet aromas of golden raisins and tangy fruits with a full bodied palate suggesting rich figs and tarte tatin with a splash of blackcurrant acidity on the finish.


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Enjoy neat as an after dinner digestif, or as a spritz by pouring 50ml Amarosa over lashings of ice and top with sparkling wine and a dash of soda for a refreshing, long summer drink.

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