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Illicit • New Tom Gin

Illicit • New Tom Gin

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Wandering the streets of 18th century London during the gin craze, in search of something to drink, the sight of a black cat painted on a sign above a door would have indicated the presence of an illicit gin shop...
A black tom cat, to be precise.

This clandestine signal gave the sweeter style of gin available at the time its name. Glasgow-based craft distillery Illicit's modern take on the Old Tom is distilled with pink peppercorns, rosehips, and tonka beans, and sweetened post-distillation with bee pollen and honey.

40% ABV • 70cl 

Tasting notes

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Floral on the nose, with juicy tropical fruit and honey on the palate.


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Serve as a G&G. 50ml New Tom Gin topped up with ginger beer and garnished with mint and a lemon wedge.

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