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Inchdairnie Distillery • RyeLaw Single Grain Scotch Whisky

Inchdairnie Distillery • RyeLaw Single Grain Scotch Whisky

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Sippable, luxurious whisky from an imaginative, modern producer. 

Inchdairnie Distillery in Fife take an innovative approach at every stage of production - engineering their whiskies with one purpose: to excite the palate.

RyeLaw uses 53% malted rye from a single Fife farm and 47% malted barley. Rye is tough to work with, so the distillers at Inchdairnie use an unusual hammer mill to extract maximum character from the grain. This hammer mill provides inspiration for RyeLaw’s distinctive bottle neck. Matured in Fife in new charred oak barrels that can be traced directly to forests in the Ozark Mountains, non chill-filtered and natural colour, the result is a memorable whisky that showcases the rich character of rye without compromise. 

46.3% ABV • 70CL

Tasting notes

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Rye's distinctive spiciness comes through on the nose along with mellow oak with a layer of vanilla.
Flavours of peppery rye with a rich, mouth-coating viscosity and sweet biscuit, cereal and dried fruit notes.


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Enjoy neat or however you like your whisky.

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