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Lind & Lime • Gin & Tonic Poster • A1

Lind & Lime • Gin & Tonic Poster • A1

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We like to mix Lind & Lime with 1 part gin to 2 parts tonic. Perhaps start there, and then add more tonic if you’d like it a little weaker.

Most of us don’t have the perfect ingredients to hand when we’re mixing a G&T at home, and we want you to enjoy our gin any way that you’d like to. But if you want a few more pointers…

  1. We like to use a tall glass or hi-ball. It helps keep the fizz in your tonic for longer and it’s easier to measure out your gin to tonic when you’re pouring.

  2. We’ve found that Fever Tree Refreshing Light Tonic works beautifully with Lind & Lime.

  3. Fill your glass with ice - as much as you can. You want the ice to chill and refresh your G&T without diluting it.


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