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Lindores • MCDXCIV Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Lindores • MCDXCIV Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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Lindores Abbey is widely recognised as the home of the first recorded distillation of Scotch whisky in 1494.

Nestled within idyllic Scottish countryside, Lindores Abbey Distillery has been making modern Scotch whisky since 2017 after this state of the art distillery was built in amongst the ruins of the old monastery. Carved stones from the monastery, buried for hundreds of years, were unearthed during the building works and have been replicated in shape of the distillery's bottles.

A long fermentation period, careful distillation and ageing in a combination of Bourbon barrels, wine barriques and Sherry butts results in a malt of remarkable character and complexity for its age. 

46% ABV • 70cl

Tasting notes

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Subtle spice and fruitiness with a delicate palate of citrus, orchard fruits and touch of salt. The finish is light and elegant with red fruits and toffee.


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Serve neat or however you enjoy your whisky.

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