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Nc'nean • Quiet Rebels Gordon

Nc'nean • Quiet Rebels Gordon

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Nc’nean aimed to change the face of the scotch whisky market. Annabel, the founder, wanted to create a product which could exist in harmony with the planet. Their namesake is inspired by Neachneohain, the ancient Gaelic goddess, a fierce protector of nature.

Introducing Nc'nean's third seasonal release from their Autumn series, Quiet Rebels. A series of whiskies born out of their team spirit, out of their growing team of intrepid adventurers who make Nc’nean what it is. This time, it’s their distillery manager Gordon who has picked his favourite combination of casks to create the most moreish of whiskies.

48.5% ABV • 70CL

Tasting notes

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Lots of lemon posset, peach and apricot with spiced rye bread on the finish


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50ml NcNean Single Malt Whisky
20ml pear shrub
100ml soda water
Thyme sprig to garnish

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