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Ninefold • Dormont Spiced Rum

Ninefold • Dormont Spiced Rum

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Ninefold are the only rum distillery in the south of Scotland. Based in Dumfries and Galloway, they have been producing small batch rum from scratch from sugar cane molasses in their copper pot still. 

Released in early 2021, using the Pure Single Rum as it's base, Dormont Spiced has been flavoured with nutmeg, aniseed and allspice to create a lovely spice flavoured and golden coloured rum.

Gluten free & Vegan Friendly

40% ABV •  70CL

Tasting notes

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Lots of soft spiced with nutmeg and vanilla, golden syrup orange citrus and liquorice coming through on the finish.


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Jungle Spiced
50 ml Ninefold Dormont Spiced
25 ml sweet vermouth
35 ml pineapple juice
15 ml Campari

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