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Old Poison • Bitter Aperitivo

Old Poison • Bitter Aperitivo

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Leith craft distillery Old Poison make their Bitter Aperitivo from a combination of 18 different botanicals, fruits, and herbs. 

Burdock and cherry bark provide bitterness, with a citrus hit from organically grown Neapolitan oranges and lemons, while hibiscus flower gives a natural red colour.

The result is an aperitivo in perfect balance, making it incredibly versatile bittersweet base for all manner of cocktail creations. 

25% ABV • 70CL

Tasting notes

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Citrus of oranges and lemons followed balanced by burdock and cherry bark providing a slight bitterness.


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Pour it into your spritz, mix it into a Negroni or serve it up over ice with a splash of soda.

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