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Port Of Leith Distillery • Pedro Ximénez Sherry • 37.5CL

Port Of Leith Distillery • Pedro Ximénez Sherry • 37.5CL

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Produced for us by Bodegas Baron in South West Spain, the name Pedro Ximénez (or PX) is derived from the white grapes from which this wine is made. After picking, the ripe fruit is laid out on mats and dried in the sun. The water inside evaporates and the grapes ‘raisin’, concentrating the sugars inside. The grapes are then pressed and the resulting syrupy juice (or grape must) is fermented before maturation in a solera.

Perfect with cheese and deserts, and a wine adored by cocktail makers around the world.

15% ABV • 37.5CL

Tasting notes

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Incredibly rich flavours of raisins, figs and prunes, with deep, beguiling aromas of coffee and chocolate on the nose.


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Enjoy chilled or enhance your Old Fashioned.

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