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Quality Control Division - ARCHIVIST Membership 2024

Quality Control Division - ARCHIVIST Membership 2024

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At the Port of Leith Distillery, we tend to think the most exciting place in any distillery is the samples room. Scores of samples collected by the warehouse team for quality control on the maturation of their spirits. What whisky fan doesn’t dream about access to a place like that?

We’ve been busy creating our whisky for many years. We’ve undertaken years of research into yeast and fermentation in whisky production. In 2021, we took our two most exciting yeasts strains and distilled a full batch of spirit with each of them, using the stills at The Glasgow Distillery. We created our first spirits, and they are available exclusively as the first package in a 9 year subscription to The Quality Control Division - an 9 year subscription to the sample room of our distillery.

To discover the remarkable contents of the Archivist tier of the Quality Control Division, visit the Port of Leith Distillery website here.

Please note: The starter package of the QCD includes a T-Shirt. Please include your t-shirt size in the 'notes' field when placing your order. Alternatively, we will contact you directly to ascertain what size you require.

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