Sail We Must Dabinett Cider Eau De Vie 2021

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It is always very exciting when friends of the distillery release exciting things. Graham at Sail We Must has created a couple of very exciting products, including this Eau De Vie. 

'Eau de vie,' french for 'water of life,' is a pure fruit spirit (think colourless brandy) made exclusively from the fermentation and distillation of fruit. Eau de vies are unaged meaning they don't mature in wooden casks like whisky and are therefore completely colourless. The delicate flavours and alcohol are obtained solely from the fermented fruit with nothing else added. No commercial grain alcohols (high strength vodka) are used in making eau de vies. Fruit redistilled with grain spirit is called, by category,  'flavoured vodka,' (think gin without the juniper). This is why true eau de vies are considered the purest expressions of fruit in distilled spirit form. 


Pairs well with all sweet apple desserts or on its own after dinner as a triumphant digestif.