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Woven Blended Whisky • Experience N.11 Peachy

Woven Blended Whisky • Experience N.11 Peachy

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Easy and breezy - Experience N.11 Peachy is a generous dream of a dram.

It begins with freshness, then blossoms, evoking juicy orchard fruits, slowly fading like hazy, sun-kissed memories.

Over 60% of the blend is grain whisky from two distilleries a stone's throw from Glasgow, giving vibrant light fruit flavours. However, to achieve their desired level of underlying complexity Woven's blenders introduced small amounts from Glentauchers Distillery, Glasgow Distillery and an un-peated malt from Loch Lomond giving a rich, ripe character that replicates the sheer spectrum of flavours you get enjoying a perfect ripe, fresh fruit. 

45.5% ABV • 50CL

Tasting notes

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Lemon posset on the nose with some fragrant honey, lychee, sweet orange zest and a subtle peaty finish.


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Serve neat, enjoy as a highball or even go for cloudy lemonade.

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