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Woven Blended Whisky • Hemispheres

Woven Blended Whisky • Hemispheres

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26% Manuka Smoked Single Malt from the tiny Thomson Distillery near Auckland and 74% North British Single Grain from Edinburgh.

Hemispheres brings these different worlds of whisky together; Scotland and New Zealand. Tradition and modernity. But it's also a reminder that no matter what the distance or perceived differences, in whisky and in life, there's much more that connects us than separates us. 

This is an oily, smoky and herbal Blended World Whisky with notes of orange, clove and honey that celebrates ever-expanding horizons of flavour. 

50.4% ABV • 50CL

Tasting notes

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Liquorice, soft smoke and beeswax notes combine on the palate, giving way to more subtle tannins. The result is a low tempo, atmospheric blend with a captivating finish.


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Serve neat or enjoy as a highball.

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