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Woven Blended Whisky • Experience N.16 Synchronicity

Woven Blended Whisky • Experience N.16 Synchronicity

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Experience N.16 Synchronicity blends disparate distilleries: large, small, rural and urban. Strange casks yielding strange magic blended to create harmony from chaos. 

Around 70% of the blend is made up of a duo of vibrant, fruit-forward Speyside single malts, and a third much meatier, richer Speyside malt. Some grain whiskies were added for lightness and used to bridge the flavours. One adding a creaminess to the texture, the other a very old sample giving the dram a poised, long finish on the palate.

46.1% ABV • 50CL

Tasting notes

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Tobacco and maritime aromas lead to smoky bacon and sweet marmalade on the palate with a long lingering herbal finish.


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Serve neat or however you like your whisky.

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