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Woven Blended Whisky • Homemade

Woven Blended Whisky • Homemade

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From Woven's studio in Leith, the traditions of yesteryear are combined with contemporary thinking. HOMEMADE takes inspiration from iconic blends that cemented Leith's reputation as a hub for whisky and wine merchants, employing an abnormally high malt content (over 70%) and a double act of sherry seasoned cask finishes to create a full and vibrant profile. 
Like the neighbourhood that inspires it, HOMEMADE is vibrant, bold, and full of character. It has sweetness and spice in equal measure.

46.4% ABV • 50CL

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Initially fresh and grassy with layers of nutty, fruity, and spiced complexity. The palate is rounded and has a long, satisfying finish.

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